Counseling – What is it Like?

By Jaime Davila, MA, LPCC, NCC

Jaime Davila, M.A., L.P.C.The decision to seek help from a professional counselor is something that some of us are more comfortable with than others. I often get the question from prospective clients, “What is counseling like, what do we do?” Although te process is hard to capture in words because it is unique to every person, I will attempt to give you an overview.

When I meet you for the first time, I will ask basic information about your concerns, why you are looking into counseling, and what your goals might be for our work together.

Image courtesy of Master isolated images at

Image courtesy of Master isolated images at

I will then tell you something about myself. I’ll explain that I was raised in a military family and lived in Puerto Rico, Germany, Kansas, Germany, New York, and Florida. I’ll then tell you a little bit of my story and how I became to be a counselor, along with a summary of my professional journey to date. My intention in telling you my own story is to let you know that I’m a regular person, too, and help you see that I bring a lot of life experience with me into my counseling work.

Imagine having someone whose only focus during your time together is to listen to your life story and to see you for who you truly are. Imagine this person hearing your current and past successes and struggles, while along the way helping you to see the basic goodness and resilience that is already within you. This is what I do, what we will do together. Together we will then tap into this basic goodness and strength as our foundation while we work towards getting you back to a better place within yourself and your life.

Although we will accomplish a lot during our sessions, you will find yourself thinking about what we discussed and implementing changes outside therapy. It is this process that will bring about the transformation you seek. And when we agree that you are where you want to be, we will conclude our work together, both having gained from our interaction.

Jaime Davila is a bilingual therapist specializing in men’s issues. You can reach him at or 720-340-2799.