Drawn to Danger

By Alexandria Hayes, MA, LPC, NCC Do you know someone who always seems to be in crisis? His car breaks down on a major highway. She trips on the steps and breaks an arm. His wallet, keys, or phone is stolen. Her car or house is broken into. These types of events – or worse – seem to be happening all the time; this person experiences one disaster after another. Why? A person’s attraction to catastrophe may be the result of past traumatic experiences. There are several reasons for this,...

Seeking Safety Group for Women with PTSD and Addiction

Alex Hayes, MA, LPCC, NCC
Join us... ...for a 10-week exploration of the interconnected nature of trauma and addiction. Seeking Safety is a well-researched group protocol for those who have both PTSD symptoms and addiction issues. Beyond a better understanding of what you are experiencing, you will develop skills and resources that help you manage PTSD symptoms, including depression and anxiety. The Seeking Safety group for Women is facilitated by two trauma and addiction specialists, Jennifer Carter, MA, LPC, LAC an...