Lesley Cunningham, MA, LPC – Relationship and Attachment Specialist

Lesley Cunningham, MA, LPCYou are my ideal client – searching for the right fit, anticipating help and willing to read a profile to find that fit. Family and relational conflict, including teens and parents, couples, divorcing couples, co-parenting, grandparents and step parenting are all my areas of expertise as an attachment specialist.

Life issues pressuring individuals today have interrupted traditional family communication and skewed family values: financial insecurities, tenuous job stability and the interference of outside influences all contribute to family instability. When there are more profound medical, behavioral, financial, or transitional adjustments, my 25 years of experience both as a therapist and a supervisor have given me insight into both usual and unusual personal and interpersonal relationship issues.

While trained in many modalities including Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Attachment Focused Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, etc., I continually come back to the importance of the context; i.e., the family, school, environment in which we live. Navigating that world sometimes needs guidance and the wisdom of years of experience.

Your conflict, whether your own internal conflict, family conflict, divorce, ‘tween-teen/parent conflict, or couples, while always unique is a concentrated focus and captivating challenge for me. Low or high conflict, we will develop a plan, kindling the desire to act with integrity to resolve, understand and work toward an answer and possible resolution.

Media Appearances

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